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Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips review!

24 Jun

Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips review!

I love these for a few reasons. 1. they’re easy to apply 2. they come in a million different colors 3. they last a decent amount of time 4. they’re cheap! I bought these at Sears for half off and really liked the color. when I got home to apply them I couldn’t believe how quick and easy the whole process was! I will definitely be repurchasing these! I’m on day 6 with these and ZERO chips!


NYX Lip product swatches!

24 Jun

NYX Lip product swtatches!

One of my more recent posts was a swatch on MAC lip products so I decided to swatch some of my favorite NYX lip products too! The mega shine lip gloss was around $5.00 depending on sales, the jumbo lip pencil was $4.50, and the lipsticks were around $4.00. All are very pigmented and creamy! If there is something you would like me to post about please leave a comment below! From top to bottom:
Mega Shine Lip Gloss- Beige
Jumbo Lip Pencil- Plush Red
Round Lipstick- Miracle
Round Lipstick- Spell Bound
Round Lipstick- Chloe


Whats in MY purse

24 Jun

Whats in MY purse

I never EVER go anywhere without my purse. MY daily essentials are well, essential! these are all the things I feel are a must to bring with you everywhere!Obviously you need your wallet to hold all your card! I bring my sunglasses with me even if its not sunny for just in case, I love Kleenex tissues to have on hand if someone needs one, and i LOVE hand sanitizer! its great for if your going to a restaurant or if you were just on the metro or something. when it comes to my purse beauty items i always have some lipstick, eyelash glue, a hair tie, and a mini hair brush. i hope this helps you guys have a simple, somewhat clutter free purse idea!


NYX Pigments

24 Jun

NYX Pigments

I have loved NYX for a long time, but never got to check out their pigments. I really wanted MAC pigments because of the reviews, but approximately $21.00 for one color? I’ll pass. so when I went to Ulta I saw that the NYX pigments were only $2.99! so I bought four of them and LOVE EACH ONE! I highly recommend these pigments for anyone! experienced or not so experienced with makeup! from top to bottom:
Penny pearl
Rust pearl
Turquoise pearl
Very Pink pearl

Hey beauty lovers!

24 Jun

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you stick around to see my beauty posts and tutorials in the near future! I will give you some advice on everything BEAUTY. From nails and skin, to hair and makeup!

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