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PACIFICA Indian Coconut Nectar- Take Me There Set

29 Apr

Hey everyone! So the snow here in Maryland is gone (YAY)… but the rain seems to keep coming! So to keep our minds off the weather, here’s a quick review! I have been wanting to try some pacifica things for a while and saw these kits were on sale at ULTA for $13.00 (originally $18.00). They only had a few scents so I picked up the Coconut nectar trio. The kit includes a body butter, a roller ball perfume, and their Color Quench Nautral Moisture Slim lip tint. Overall I think its a really nice kit if your not use to the brand.

pacificaStarting with the body butter. It has a nice texture but it seems to dry out my hands after an hour or two, then again I kind of expect that from a basic scented lotion. It smells pretty nice… to other people! When I put it on I noticed a weird smell behind it but my mom didn’t seem to notice it. I guess it depends on the person. The roller ball perfume is my favorite! It doesn’t have that same smell as the lotion and it seems to last a decent amount of time for a roller ball. Then the lip tint is nice. The colors of the tints depend on which scent you buy, this one has a darker nude color to it and looks really nice. It moisturizes just as well as any other balm, but this ones cruelty free 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this review! It’s always nice to introduce yourself to cruelty free brands. Some people run away from them when their products are just as good as anyone else! I hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Hempz Moisturizer (My Favorite!)

18 Dec

I wanted to make this post because I felt like this product deserved a shout out! This winter my skin has been cracking from how dry i am and it seems like every lotion I’ve tried has failed me. Until now. While walking through Ulta one day I came across a brand called Hempz. They are cruelty free and 100% vegan. First thing I did was put some on my hands. It smells delightful and doesn’t feel too greasy. after walking through the store for an hour my hands still felt like i just applied it! I have never had a moisturizer be so moisturizing! Since they were sold out of their yummy triple moisture formula I got a mini bottle of their pomegranate scent for $7.00. All their products have 100% natural hemp seed oil in them which i believe has been doing wonders for my skin!

HempzI Strongly recommend you try some of this awesome stuff next time you visit ulta. If you have tried any cruelty free brands I would love to hear about them if you know of any. Just comment your favorite cruelty free brand below 🙂

Exuviance Skincare Review!

9 Sep

Hey everyone! So yesterday I went to ULTA and had no idea they were having a makeup event! They had a counter for PURMinerals, Benefit Cosmetics, and Exuviance Skincare. The only counter I had time to go to was the Exuviance counter where I got a wonderful facial consisting of a Facial cleansing, Performance Peel, and a moisturizing. They even did a foundation application.Exuviance

The first thing they did was take off all my foundation with their Moisturizing Anti-bacterial Facial Cleanser. It is a nice, gentle, unscented, anti-bacterial cleanser. I have no bad comments about it but I need more time to see results.

The second product they used was their popular Performance Peel. It is a Glycolic Facial Peel that gets rid of the top layer of dead skin and stimulates new skin growth. I loved it! I loved the results when I got home because I noticed the top layer of skin was gone! The only problem is that it is a little too pricey for my liking ($72.00) so I didn’t end up buying it.

Then they used their Glycolic Expert Moisturizer. It moisturized my face very well, but I did not see it being any better than ones I use at home. Therefor I didn’t buy it.

Lastly, I got to try their Coverblend Concealing Treatment Foundation. She showed me some pictures of people who have used it to cover severe acne or tattoos. I do not have any severe acne, so I did not understand the point of using this foundation. I would never ever try their foundation again! It was some of the worst foundation I have EVER tried. She applied a ton of product which made me believe it isn’t full coverage. After I looked in the little mirror I saw it did not match my skin tone and you could see all the buildup of product in my deep lines around my nose area and under eyes. After we left ULTA I tried to blend out the foundation and it started to roll off! I do NOT recommend their foundation even if you have severe acne because it feels cakey. So If you ever get to try their products I recommend their facial treatments and under eye treatments, or their moisturizers. Most their products are not worth their price! So choose wisely! let me know if you have tried any of their products!

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof gel eyeliner

11 Aug

I have spent around 6 months looking for what I would call the “perfect” gel liner… I found it a last week and it is the Smashbox Jet Set gel liner! It’s AMAZING! It goes on smoothly, very pigmented, dries fast, and stays put for the entire day! I got mine at ULTA for $22.00. I was a little scared of the price at first, but when I got it I loved it! If your in need of a great gel liner this is it! now that i found the perfect gel liner, whats your favorite LIQUID liner? i would love recommendations!smashliner

Smashbox Pop of Pink Review!

5 Aug

So I turned 17 the other day, Yay! And I wanted to review one of the things I got with some birthday money! I haven’t tried much Smashbox other than some lipgloss and mascara, but I saw this little value kit and had to get it! It’s super cute with four pink colored items including a lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, and blush! So here’s what came in it and what I thought.Smashbox1Here’s a picture of the bright pink makeup that came in the box.

Smashbox2On The top is the Reflection High Shine lipgloss in Pop Of Pink and the bottom is their Be Legendary Lipstick in Posy Pink. I love both these products a ton! The lipstick goes on smooth and gives a really nice pigmentation! I just might prefer it over M.A.C.! The lipgloss also has great color, the only problem I have with it is that it may be a little too sticky for me. Other than that it lasts a good while!

Smashbox3This is their blush in Pop Of Pink. I put on a stronger amount on the left to show you how much color it really has! The color on the right is a sheerer coat, something a little more practical for me. It is a VERY pretty blush! It blends well onto the skin, gives a nice glow, and stays put!

Smashbox4This mascara is their Full Exposure Mascara in Jet Black, AKA my new favorite mascara! As you can see in the picture the brush is HUGE and has a good sized bottle too. I always have trouble finding a mascara that will lengthen, de-clump, AND stay all day. I have only worn this mascara today, but it didn’t fail me! If you are thinking about getting a kit by smash box I recommend this! This is their POP Of PINK box, but they also have a bronze one too. At ULTA I got this kit on sale for $29.00 when it was $39.00 and it also says it’s an $87 value! So happy I got it 🙂

Butter London Mani in Slapper

23 Jul

This is one of my favorite polishes! this brand in general has such great polish! Its smooth, pigmented, and has a smaller brush ( I like this better that thicker ones) The color i’m wearing is named Slapper. It is the perfect teal. I got mine at Ulta for $15.00, a little pricey but worth it! I also recommend their nail strengtheners and cuticle treatments! I would love to hear what your favorite butter london colors are!


Butter london in Slapper

Butter London in Slapper


MINI Ulta Haul!

7 Jul

MINI Ulta Haul!

Okay, so this isn’t really a HAUL haul but I just wanted to show you a few things I got from Ulta today! I love everything I got! I got the NYX eye pencil in 906 White, the NYX mega shine lip gloss in LA LA, the NYX eyeshadow base in ESB02 (white) and the Ulta brand mini shampoo and conditioner. I don’t normally buy shampoo and conditioner at random, but I forgot I ran out of my Tresseme this morning! I chose the mini Ulta brand shampoo and conditioner because their cheap, $2.49 each, they are Sulfate and Paraben free, argan infused, and smell so good! If you have an ulta around you I highly recommend getting the ulta brand makeup and haircare, and the NYX cosmetics because they are good quality and cheap!


Philosophy: Black Cherry Italian Soda Review

1 Jul

Philosophy: Black Cherry Italian Soda Review

I bought this magic about a year ago. I went to Macy’s and fell in love with this scent! I have always loved Philosophy, but the Italian Soda collection is SO good! It’s always a pleasantly fresh smell, and doesn’t dry out your skin. I bought it for around $24.00 but there is a lot in here and it will last quite some time!! Definitely a must for me 🙂 But if you prefer a different scent check out the other stuff they have! I have seen them sell their products at ULTA, Sephora, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.


Nail Polish Swatch for Summer!

27 Jun

Nail Polish Swatch for Summer!

I know I recently did a summer nail swatch for Essie, but these are just my over all top 5 colors for summer! From left to right:
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro- Sunset Orange (personal favorite)
Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI- Pumped Up Pink
Ulta- Baby Doll
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails- Celeb City
Butter London- Slapper


NYX Lip product swatches!

24 Jun

NYX Lip product swtatches!

One of my more recent posts was a swatch on MAC lip products so I decided to swatch some of my favorite NYX lip products too! The mega shine lip gloss was around $5.00 depending on sales, the jumbo lip pencil was $4.50, and the lipsticks were around $4.00. All are very pigmented and creamy! If there is something you would like me to post about please leave a comment below! From top to bottom:
Mega Shine Lip Gloss- Beige
Jumbo Lip Pencil- Plush Red
Round Lipstick- Miracle
Round Lipstick- Spell Bound
Round Lipstick- Chloe

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