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Lifestyle Change!

11 Dec

Hey guys! WOW I haven’t been on here for QUITE some time! I have been very busy lately and will start posting more frequently again! Anyway I have been vegetarian for a few months now, Since August, and have been loving how I feel inside and out from a slightly cleaner diet. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make an even bigger change and go vegan and I have been loving it!

Veganism is where you don’t eat or buy anything that has to do with animals. That means no meat, dairy, eggs, or other animal byproducts in your diet. That also means no leather, suede, fur, or animal byproduct in clothing or cosmetics. Hence the term “Cruelty free”. Going vegan is different for everyone. Some people do it for their health, the animal, the environment, or all. I am going vegan for all there reasons. I’m not here to “shame” you for eating meat or dairy, just letting you know what I have been up to and let you know what it is is you haven’t heard of it. If you are interested in going vegan, or maybe just doing “Meatless Mondays” you are still making a difference.

If you want to be more informed on veganism I suggest you watch a documentary called Vegucated. It is a short film you can get on amazon where three non vegans decide to go vegan for 6 weeks. The reason I like this film is because its not one of the more serious ones and it really does “Vegucate” you. I will still be posting a bit of non vegan items because i’m not just going to throw away everything I have that does test on animals. I will be officially vegan for new years (my new years goal) and will start posting cruelty free stuff then. Thank you SO MUCH for reading this! (I was not told by anyone to talk about this film! just my personal opinion!)

P.S. Oreos are Vegan!! 🙂

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