Hempz Moisturizer (My Favorite!)

18 Dec

I wanted to make this post because I felt like this product deserved a shout out! This winter my skin has been cracking from how dry i am and it seems like every lotion I’ve tried has failed me. Until now. While walking through Ulta one day I came across a brand called Hempz. They are cruelty free and 100% vegan. First thing I did was put some on my hands. It smells delightful and doesn’t feel too greasy. after walking through the store for an hour my hands still felt like i just applied it! I have never had a moisturizer be so moisturizing! Since they were sold out of their yummy triple moisture formula I got a mini bottle of their pomegranate scent for $7.00. All their products have 100% natural hemp seed oil in them which i believe has been doing wonders for my skin!

HempzI Strongly recommend you try some of this awesome stuff next time you visit ulta. If you have tried any cruelty free brands I would love to hear about them if you know of any. Just comment your favorite cruelty free brand below 🙂


Lifestyle Change!

11 Dec

Hey guys! WOW I haven’t been on here for QUITE some time! I have been very busy lately and will start posting more frequently again! Anyway I have been vegetarian for a few months now, Since August, and have been loving how I feel inside and out from a slightly cleaner diet. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make an even bigger change and go vegan and I have been loving it!

Veganism is where you don’t eat or buy anything that has to do with animals. That means no meat, dairy, eggs, or other animal byproducts in your diet. That also means no leather, suede, fur, or animal byproduct in clothing or cosmetics. Hence the term “Cruelty free”. Going vegan is different for everyone. Some people do it for their health, the animal, the environment, or all. I am going vegan for all there reasons. I’m not here to “shame” you for eating meat or dairy, just letting you know what I have been up to and let you know what it is is you haven’t heard of it. If you are interested in going vegan, or maybe just doing “Meatless Mondays” you are still making a difference.

If you want to be more informed on veganism I suggest you watch a documentary called Vegucated. It is a short film you can get on amazon where three non vegans decide to go vegan for 6 weeks. The reason I like this film is because its not one of the more serious ones and it really does “Vegucate” you. I will still be posting a bit of non vegan items because i’m not just going to throw away everything I have that does test on animals. I will be officially vegan for new years (my new years goal) and will start posting cruelty free stuff then. Thank you SO MUCH for reading this! (I was not told by anyone to talk about this film! just my personal opinion!)

P.S. Oreos are Vegan!! 🙂

My Top 3 LUSH products for Fall/Winter!

4 Oct

I wanted to show you guys my favorite cold month products because sometimes its so hard to find things that look good on dry skin! I have been starting to get flaking skin on my forehead so bad that i cant even wear foundation right now! Instead of foundation i have been using the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer on my trouble spots (Love this stuff!). This post is to show you what I feel is best for when your skin gets dry for if anyone else needs some opinions!

First thing on my list is the Imperialis face moisturizer. I was recommended this by the lady who worked there because she said it cured her dry skin (she had baby skin!). I got a sample and tried it for a week. I was blown away by how well it helped, I’m actually buying the full size tomorrow! my skin is so soft and the dry patch is almost gone! You can purchase is at LUSH for $24.95

Lush2Second on my list Is the Lip Service Lip Balm. This stuff is fantastic!! I also get really dry lips when it gets cold out, go figure! Lip Service is a beeswax based lip repairing balm with all natural ingredients. I bought this at LUSH for $7.25 and use it three times a day. my lips are SO SOFT! I use this alone, or under lipsticks. They also say that you can use this lip balm on other dry parts such as your Elbows or Cuticles. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

LUSH3The last LUSH product on my list is their OATIFIX Face Mask for DRY skin. Their main ingredient is Organic Bananas. Oats are VERY soothing for dry, flaky skin. I got this for $6.95. Its not necessarily my favorite thing for moisturizing, but at the same time it doesnt dry you out. But it is a great, gentle way to calm and exfoliate that dead skin!

Lush4 You can get all these products in store or at http://www.lush.com. I hope I gave you guys some new options to try for dry skin! these products really are great, I have been loving lush for so long! All their products are cruelty free too which is an added Bonus 🙂 I am not sponsored/ being paid to make this post, I just love their products so much! Let me know what your favorite LUSH product is! Have a wonderful day 🙂

Favorite Fall nails by Essie: The Lace Is on

30 Sep

Hey everybody! I hope you guys are having a good fall! I’m so happy to finally start to see the temperature drop, the leaves turn golden, and the fashion come out! I am in LOVE with the Essie fall collection right not. They go on nicely and have a great color. My favorite one is The Lace Is On by Essie. It is a shimmery purple polish and looks great on all skin tones. I put on my favorite base coat (OPI Nail Envy) then put two thick coats onto my nails. I prefer thicker coats of polish because I feel like it gives more of a “salon” look. Have fun playing around with the fall colors!eiise1eiise2

Halloween Look #2

20 Sep

Hey Guys!! This look is what I wore last year for Halloween, but I put so much effort into it I thought I should post it!  I couldn’t believe how many people I scared with this look (haunted garage). What you need to accomplish this look are the basic Special Effects makeup such as: Liquid Latex, Fake Gel Blood, Fake Blood, Spirit Gum/ Remover, small latex wounds, and a Small and cheap palette consisting of red, black, white, and grey.

Halloween#2This is a look that will look good many different ways. All you have to do is apply your latex wounds where you think they would look best, then apply small gashes using the liquid latex. let them dry for a few minutes before apply makeup. When they seem like they are sticking enough you can start blending with foundation, and adding black and red to the wounds. Add a little grey to your entire face and add a little fake blood. Taadaa! You are now zombified! Add your own extras such as the frizzed out hair and the ripped up shirt. Have fun! I would love to know what you will be for Halloween in the comments below! AND If you have never used Liquid latex before I HIGHLY recommend doing a patch test on the underside of your wrist a day ahead! We don’t want any puffy faces!!

Halloween Look #1

19 Sep

Hey Guys! I LOVE Halloween time! I always have to try as many looks as possible before I choose one. So I thought I would share with you some of my Halloween looks through out the next few weeks to show you what I like, and to give you some easy ideas!halloween#1Every year I have to be something scary because we go to a “haunted” garage walk-through and volunteer. This look is VERY basic and anyone can achieve it with a little eyeliner and a little lip liner! For the outline of each black marking on my face I used some liquid eyeliner in BLACK (Jesse’s Girl liquid eyeliner). To fill in the lined areas I used the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner in BLACK, and set it with any matte black shadow. For the teeth, I outlined little jagged marks around my lips and then filled them in with NYX eye pencil in WHITE. For the scars on my chest I simply used a dark lipstick (MAC’s Russian Red) and smudged it until it looked realistic enough. Lastly, add a dark reddish eyeshadow to random parts of your face and neck for a bruised effect.  Have Fun! I would love to hear what your favorite Halloween beauty item is in the comments below!

Exuviance Skincare Review!

9 Sep

Hey everyone! So yesterday I went to ULTA and had no idea they were having a makeup event! They had a counter for PURMinerals, Benefit Cosmetics, and Exuviance Skincare. The only counter I had time to go to was the Exuviance counter where I got a wonderful facial consisting of a Facial cleansing, Performance Peel, and a moisturizing. They even did a foundation application.Exuviance

The first thing they did was take off all my foundation with their Moisturizing Anti-bacterial Facial Cleanser. It is a nice, gentle, unscented, anti-bacterial cleanser. I have no bad comments about it but I need more time to see results.

The second product they used was their popular Performance Peel. It is a Glycolic Facial Peel that gets rid of the top layer of dead skin and stimulates new skin growth. I loved it! I loved the results when I got home because I noticed the top layer of skin was gone! The only problem is that it is a little too pricey for my liking ($72.00) so I didn’t end up buying it.

Then they used their Glycolic Expert Moisturizer. It moisturized my face very well, but I did not see it being any better than ones I use at home. Therefor I didn’t buy it.

Lastly, I got to try their Coverblend Concealing Treatment Foundation. She showed me some pictures of people who have used it to cover severe acne or tattoos. I do not have any severe acne, so I did not understand the point of using this foundation. I would never ever try their foundation again! It was some of the worst foundation I have EVER tried. She applied a ton of product which made me believe it isn’t full coverage. After I looked in the little mirror I saw it did not match my skin tone and you could see all the buildup of product in my deep lines around my nose area and under eyes. After we left ULTA I tried to blend out the foundation and it started to roll off! I do NOT recommend their foundation even if you have severe acne because it feels cakey. So If you ever get to try their products I recommend their facial treatments and under eye treatments, or their moisturizers. Most their products are not worth their price! So choose wisely! let me know if you have tried any of their products!

Get fuller lips with Too Faced + Poll!

2 Sep

So my lips are little tiny pink strips on my face… I was so desperate to find something to help! I have tried many drugstore lip plumpers, bare minerals Buxom, and more. One day I walked into sephora and tried on the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme. Omg. I immediately fell in love! This stuff tingled and burned for a good five minutes but my lips were pink, full and well… Plumped! I believe I got this for around $28.00 (Kind of a splurge, I know). It can be used once a day or as a daily/ nightly lip treatment (depending on your tolerance). I use it twice daily! I have been inlove with it since I bought it! I definitely recommend this for people with small lips, or anyone who just wants some extra “volume”!


Too Face Lip Injection Extreme $28.00 (I think they redesigned the bottle)

Too Face Lip Injection Extreme $28.00 (I think they redesigned the bottle)

I hope you enjoyed this! if you have any questions about this product please ask! 


St. Tropez tan review!

20 Aug

               I’m SO pale! I’m like as white as paper year round. I have tried about five or six different drugstore brands of self tanning stuff. I have tried lotions, sprays, and foams… all made me orange or patchy. ANYWAY, I saw many many reviews of St. Tropes on YouTube saying how fantastic it is! So with some extra money I bought the mini bottle of their foam ($18) and the self tanning mitt ($6.50) and gave it a go. LOVE IT! It dries fast, smells GOOD, doesn’t make me patchy AND it doesn’t make me ORANGE! When you pump it onto the mitt, after preparing your skin of course, it looks VERY dark and has a green/olive undertone. This is great because it gives you a natural tan with out that “orange glow”. So even if you do mess up a little bit in application its usually OK because once you get your shower it comes out pretty even! So if you have skin as white as mine I highly suggest trying this out! tanner

Healthy Quinoa and Zucchini vegetarian burgers!

20 Aug

For dinner tonight I found a delicious veggie burger recipe on the Trader Joe’s website with a high nutritional value and low calorie count! It is a veggie burger made up of mainly quinoa, zucchini, cheese, and egg. I thought I would share this with you guys because some people get the impression that ALL veggie burgers are tofu, or just fake meat tasting. So not true. Since I became a vegetarian I have been more open to trying new foods and this made it to the top of the list! So if you are willing to try something new here is the recipe on the Trader Joe’s website http://www.traderjoes.com/recipes/recipe.asp?rid=156

Here are some picture steps on how to make it, along with the recipe in the link.

BGR1So after you mix, chill, and form the patties you start to fry them in the olive oil for 4 minutes on each side.

BGR2This is what the one side looks like after you flip it. Once you remove them from the pan you can place them on some paper towels to soak up the extra fat from the olive oil.

BGR3After that you can add your favorite side and there you have it! some delicious, easy, handmade veggie burgers! tell me what you think! And the recipe serves 8-10, so I made the recipe in half. I thought I would blog this to lat you see something different! hope you like it!

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