Get Pierced With a Needle!!!

10 Jul

Get Pierced With a Needle!!!

So you walk into the mall and see a piercing pagoda in front of your favorite store. You might decide that getting a “free Piercing” when you purchase some cute studs is a great idea! SO wrong! You know how when you go to a farm and see a tag on the cows ear? Yeah, that’s what these were originally for. Getting pierced with one of these is just ASKING for an infection to happen! People who work at these small shops are usually uneducated on the different types of infections you can get, they have little training on piercing skills, and they just don’t know the risks of being a piercer in general. The piercing gun is also usually plastic meaning it is not able to be placed in an Autoclave, a machine to place piercing implements in using heat to kill bacteria. Not being able to place one in an autoclave gives it a greater risk of having a pocket for bacteria in which they simple wipe down with some rubbing alcohol…. which doesn’t kill the important stuff… A needle IS capable of being used in an Autoclave and are also one time only items, so they aren’t reused on other clients! Anyway, I hope I have helped educate you so you can be safe! If you do decide to get pierced, I highly recommend finding the best tattoo shop in your area and observe their cleanliness! Hope I helped! It is very important t your health 🙂 Please email me if you have and piercing questions!!


2 Responses to “Get Pierced With a Needle!!!”

  1. No Blog Intended July 12, 2013 at 5:18 am #

    Needles! I have tried both, got lots of trouble with the gun, but not one problem with the needle. It’s a bit more expensive (a bit… alot) but it’s wayyy better.

    • ohloveleslie July 12, 2013 at 4:48 pm #

      Yeah, It also depends on where you go. some places over charge an unnecessary amount. But If you find a good one it can be the same price!

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