Tea Tree Wonders

2 Jul

Tea Tree Wonders

This is another one of those things you need to have because it just does good! It is an essential oil usually grown in Australia with great qualities for health and cleaning. I got this one at Trader Joe’s for around $14.00, I know it’s a lot but it goes a long way! I was recommended this stuff from my piercer a few months ago after having a bump on the back of one of my piercings, and it healed it right up! It is best known for its antiseptic qualities and its ability to fix simple problems such as eczema, acne, colds, dandruff and sinus infections just to name a few. It is my favorite thing to have around and is a great natural item to keep in your cabinet! Just remember, if you do purchase it, that you should dilute it with water before using it on sensitive skin and/ or around the house!


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